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About John

I am a life-long Oklahoman and community leader. My strong principles and constitutionally conservative values are rooted in my faith in God.  As a Republican, I believe that government has the responsibility to allow people to fulfill their dreams.  I believe in a balanced budget and I believe in the Second Amendment.  I believe our State must address the funding and spending for education, DHS and mental health.  With a crisis in our correctional system we need a plan to significantly reduce our prison population.  Our problems are complex and it will take a qualified leader to tackle all the issues successfully.  Through my experience, I bring knowledge on multiple issues that our State faces. I believe that I have been called to help our State solve our problems and be a Stronger Oklahoma.

I was raised in Norman, Oklahoma and am a product of the Norman Public School system.  I graduated from Westminster College with a degree in Business Finance.  I am a business man and a community volunteer with a passion to help others.

I bring extensive finance and banking experience to the table. I will work with our communities and businesses to help strengthen and grow the economy and bring more jobs to the State. I have deep roots in Oklahoma and a strong commitment to public service through volunteerism and community involvement. My desire to help our State overcome its financial problems and education system funding problems has led me to run for public office. I am extremely passionate about education, jobs, mental health, prison reform, and economic growth, the homeless and fiscal responsibility.

As a fifth-generation community banker and financial advisor, I am a fiscal conservative with a passion for helping others and developing financial solutions for the State, nonprofits and businesses. Currently, I serve as the President of Upward Transitions, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless and people most at risk of being homeless.

Our State government doesn’t currently represent our true values or the determined spirit I know is at the core of Oklahoma. Join me in making a difference for generations to come. I promise to be authentic, maintain my integrity, and bring innovation to our State government. Regardless of our political leanings, we all truly care about Oklahoma and the people that call this place home. Let’s change the conversation and pursue “A Stronger Oklahoma” together!

Who is John?