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Grow Oklahoma

We must attract, retain, and grow quality jobs that will launch Oklahoma into an economic cycle of innovation and growth.  Join me in designing an economy that is diverse, durable and leads the nation in innovative business growth. The economics of the State must be developed out of our ability to adapt to technology and move at the speed of generations to come. The next generation of economies will not be based on the invention of new things but the innovation of how we use the tools and technologies developed today. The world will only move faster and if our government is not agile and able to move at the pace of the world, we will continue to fall further behind.

Criminal Justice Reform

Addiction and mental health are two of the main issues contributing to the overcrowding in our prison system. By initially addressing these issues and making the responsible changes to our criminal justice process, we can hold people accountable but ensure they have the opportunity to become productive citizens.  I believe we can change lives before it is too late.   Inspiration, confidence and responsibility can change the face of the corrections system and stop the cycle of crime from generation to generation.

Fiscal Responsibility

Join me in developing a system that is built for our 21st-century economy and with the durability to weather the economic ups and downs we know will come.  A strategic budget plan is critical to our success.  We must increase our revenue by expanding our tax base with high paying jobs.


We all want the best possible education for our kids because we want them to have the greatest opportunities possible. Everyone knows education is the future of our State and there are many things that the school systems must consider to better prepare our children for careers.  There are many systems like STEM, STEAM and others that have great ideas about how to build a curriculum that better prepares our future generation for the speed at which our society is moving.  Yes we need to free up education funding for the classroom and teachers, we also need to be strategic.

Mental Health

Many Oklahomans have experienced mental health issues through their friends or colleagues, family or even personally.  I am an advocate for making the issues of mental health a normal illness without the stigma currently associated with it.  We need to provide a helping hand, not more incarceration.  Mental health and drug addition are significantly contributing to the problems in our society.  We must do a better job helping those dealing with these issues.